The deadline to register Bullet-Button Style Assault Weapons has passed on JUNE 30, 2018.
If you are currently in possession of a UNREGISTERED BULLET-BUTTON STYLE ASSAULT WEAPON...

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The FC Hook is a made in USA, patent pending, Enhanced Magazine Catch device that contains a spring-loaded detent-plunger that is built into the Magazine Catch with laser-guided surgical precision.  It replaces the AR rifle’s standard mil-spec Magazine Catch.  It works with the RADD Lock, the California Bullet Button, and any standard mil-spec Magazine Catch Buttons.   

The FC Hook is installed on the firearm in such a way that it cannot be "readily removed."  It permanently attaches a California approved 10 round magazine into the mag well.  The magazine cannot be removed by any means while the action is closed.  The magazine also cannot be readily removed while the action is open. This performance of the FC Hook converts your AR Lower Receiver into a "Fixed Magazine", semiautomatic, centerfire rifle type for the purpose of augmenting your rifle (or receiver only) so that it does not meet the criteria for categorization as an “assault weapon” as defined in Section 30515.  For more detailed information about AB-1135's amendments to Section 30515 and how the Section defines "assault weapons," click here.

If using the FC Hook with a RADD Lock or BB, you will need to super glue the threads in order to prevent removal of the FC Hook and Magazine without disassembly of the action.   



When installed properly, the FC Hook creates a fixed magazine condition for any compatible stripped or complete lower receiver (whether the firearm has an upper installed on it or not).  Therefore, the FC Hook is intended to possibly be useful in future (legal DROS) sales and transfers of stripped lower receivers in California. 

The FC Hook has not been approved for use by the DOJ. In fact, no California Compliant solution has been or will be approved for use by the DOJ. Any manufacturer that claims DOJ approval, has chosen their words carefully and you should read their claims with a critical eye. Like all California Compliant solutions, the FC Hook is determined to be legal according to how the code was written by the DOJ. The FC Hook has successfully been used in the DROS process to transfer fixed magazine rifles between States, Dealers, and Private Parties. Therefore, and with its proliferation, the FC Hook seems to have been accepted as common law by the California DOJ.  

It is our interpretation of the law that a rifle owner cannot convert a rifle that has already been registered as an "assault weapon"; that a rifle can only be converted if it was lawfully purchased in California and has never been previously registered as an "assault weapon".  Such qualifying rifles would have been originally purchased and transferred in California between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2016.  Furthermore, according to Penal Code Section 30900, Subsections (b)(1), all qualifying rifles lawfully obtained between the above dates, have a registration deadline by January 1, 2018.  The deadline to have registration complete has been extended by the DOJ to July 1, 2018. We encourage readers here to obtain qualified California gun law advise from a licensed attorney if they have any questions about their rifle's qualifications for registration, missing registration deadlines, or about products like the FC Hook and how they may fit in with the new gun laws. 


The FC Hook is designed to work with mil-spec AR-15 lower receivers.  Since the AR-15 and the AR-10 share commonality of some parts, The FC Hook is also compatible with mil-spec AR-10 lower receivers.  However, because there is such a wide variance of manufacturer designs and tolerances for both rifle types, the FC Hook may not work with all AR platform lower receivers. 

The FC Hook is simple enough to install just like any standard Magazine Catch. The FC Hook has to perform a serious job of properly fixing the magazine to the firearm.  Therefore, it needs to be properly installed and tested by a qualified Gunsmith or AR-15 Armorer according to the manufacturers instructions. 



The FC Hook must work in conjunction with a compatible California compliant 10 round magazine.  The FC Hook may not work with all California compliant 10 round magazines due to variations of design, caliber and fit. It is important to verify the FC Hook is properly installed and compatible with the magazine used.  If the magazine is not compatible, a different California compliant 10 round magazine that is compatible needs to be obtained for use in order to maintain the rifle's qualification as a "fixed magazine" rifle.

There are many different manufacturers of California compliant 10 round magazines in a variety of calibers for use with the AR platform.  Depending on a particular magazine’s fit design in the area near where the magazine catch-port-hole is located, it may or may not be compatible with the FC Hook.

We designed the FC Hook around a few specific magazines including the Magpul PMAG® GEN2.  We recommend using the 10 round magazines made by Magpul. If you have GEN2 PMAG's they work great.  


There are a few Magazines that the FC Hook is not compatible with.  

Magazines found to not be compatible with the FC Hook:
• Magpul PMAG 10rd Gen 3  .308/5.56
• Fab Defense Ultimag 10rd 
Both of these polymer magazines can be modified to work with the FC Hook.  We will post a Youtube video soon with instructions on how to make a very small modification to the Gen3 PMAGs in order to ensure compatibility with the FC Hook.  

The following illustrates what to look for when identifying steel/aluminum case magazines that may or may not work with the FC Hook:

The following illustrates why the Gen 3 PMAG's don't work with the FC Hook and how they can be modified to work with the FC Hook:


Once the FC Hook is installed with a compatible 10 round magazine, neither the FC Hook nor the magazine should ever be removed unless the FC Hook or the magazine is in need of repair or replacement.  The complete rifle or the stripped lower receiver should always be stored, transported, and transferred according to California law with the magazine 

permanently attached.  


FC-Hook v2 Installation Guide



When not to use a Bullet-Button® wrench/Bullet-Button® Style Removal Tool

Some rifle manufacturers have used loctite® or similar thread locking adhesives to permanently bond the Bullet-Button® to the Magazine Catch to prohibit its removal from the rifle.  Whenever you encounter this situation, conventional means of heat gun combined with a Bullet-Button® Style tool will not work to break the permanent bond.  It simply requires too much force applied to the miniature ears on the tool, causing them to shear off.  Smith & Wesson is one manufacturer that we have found to loctite® their M&P Rifles.  

Here is a step by step guide to removing a permanently bonded Bullet-Button® Magazine Catch Release System.

Step one:
Using a Bullet Tip or some other tool, push the Magazine Catch as far as you can out of the receiver and use something to wedge under it, keeping the magazine catch pushed up and out of the receiver while you work on it.  

Step two:
Use a power tool such as a rotary tool, Dremel®, or even a battery powered drill. to remove material where the Magazine Catch's cross arm shaft has been orbitally riveted onto the Magazine Catch Body.  

Continuing with Step Two:
You want to remove  enough material so that you can brute-force the Magazine Catch Body from the Catches cross arm shaft.  Be careful not to use too much brute-force that could cause you to mar or fracture your receiver.  You may need to drill down into the threaded portion of the Magazine Catch Body where the Steel Cross Arm Bar is threaded into it.  You'll know when you get to the sweet spot where a little brute-force will allow you to pry the Magazine Catch Body away from the Cross Arm Bar.

Step Three:
Pry off the Magazine Catch Body away from the Catch's Cross Arm Bar.  From here you the Bullet-Button® will simply fall out the other side.

As you can see, there is the red Loctite® that was causing the problem.

Additional Note:
At this point, you can install the FC Hook along with a mil-spec standard Magazine Release Button and Magazine Release Spring.  We recommend that you get a replacement mil-spec Standard Magazine Catch and a replacement Bullet-Button® style device so that you have the option to convert your rifle back to original if the laws ever change, or if you move to a free state.  We do not recommend that you use Loctite® when installing your FC Hook. 


Due to the changing landscape of legislation and regulation in California, All sales are final. We will replace any defective FC Hook within 60 days from the date of purchase as long as you have proof of purchase from us or any authorized Dealer.