The deadline to register Bullet-Button Style Assault Weapons has passed on JUNE 30, 2018.
If you are currently in possession of a UNREGISTERED BULLET-BUTTON STYLE ASSAULT WEAPON...


Officially, the "FC" in FC-Hook stands for "Fully Compliant".  Unofficially. "FC" is also a brand statement "F-California" that represents a well established attitude against the State shared by many professionals in the firearms industry throughout California and the rest of the Nation.  

"Fully Compliant" strives to represent the spirit of the law with regards to the "FC-Hook". Just as a "shotgun plug" prevents a shotgun from holding more than three shells to make it compliant with certain State and Federal firearms laws, the "FC-Hook" prevents anyone from removing a 10 round detachable ammunition magazine from an AR-15 thus making it compliant with State and Federal firearms laws as a non-assault rifle. 

The Bottom Line

The FC Hook is an Enhanced Magazine Catch with a precision-machined spring-loaded locking pin that turns any mil-spec AR rifle into a Fixed Magazine rifle.


According to updated 2017 Gun Laws, in order to remove the Magazine from a Fixed Magazine rifle, you must first open the action.  The FC Hook exceeds the Law with the additional need of a slim tool used to disengage the locking pin; thereby allowing you to press the Mag Release Button to drop the Magazine. 


As a Fixed Magazine rifle, it is not considered an Assault Weapon.  If you have already registered your AR as an Assault Weapon, it cannot be undone and you do not need an FC Hook.  Even if you move out of California, it will always be registered as an Assault Weapon.  If you stay in California, you can never sell it, transfer it, or bequeath it to anyone, including your children.   Upon your death, your family will be legally required to turn in the complete rifle to Law Enforcement, otherwise they would be in illegal possession of an Assault Weapon.



Yes, it is true that you may be able to sell your AW out of State to a specialized FFL Dealer known as a Type 09 FFL who deals in Destructive Devices.  But you would have some obstacles to overcome.  

First, there are less than 100 Type 09 FFL Dealers in the United States.  Actually, as of 2015 there were only 66 licensed Type 09 FFL Dealers.  

Second, you would need to find a Type 09 FFL Dealer operating outside of California.  

Third, you would need to conduct the sale and transfer prior to your death.  

Fourth, you should understand that a Type 09 FFL Dealer is in a professional business with government contracts.  They can buy parts for AR rifles at massive quantities.  If a Type 09 FFL Dealer wants to buy your exceptionally well preserved, high end AR, he is not going to pay you Market Value.  You would be lucky to get dimes or pennies to the dollar for its actual value.  


As a Fixed Magazine rifle, your AR can remain unchanged with all its “Evil” Features including its telescoping butt-stock, its pistol grip, and its flash hider.  You can even remove the “Bullet Button” and use a standard Mag Release Button with the FC Hook.  There is no need to spend a few hundred dollars converting your rifle into a “Featureless” type rifle. 



The FC Hook is priced less and easier to install than the AR Mag Lock, and the Patriot Mag Release.  Unlike the AR Mag Lock and the Patriot Mag Release, if needed the FC Hook can be uninstalled and re-installed without destruction of the device.  Both the AR Mag Lock and the Patriot Mag Release require instillation with permanent adhesives to bond the accessible threaded assembly parts so that the mag lock device cannot be removed while the action is closed on the rifle.  Without the proper permanent adhesive bond, the magazine could potentially be removed from the rifle while the action is still closed.  Therefore, these devices cannot be removed without destroying them.   The FC Hook is easy to install and uninstall and re-install.  However the FC Hook cannot be uninstalled with the action closed.  In order to uninstall the FC Hook, you have to open the action.  This is a huge benefit if you like to travel with your AR to other states for shooting competitions. Once you are in a “Free State” you can remove your FC Hook and replace it with a standard Magazine Catch and shoot your rifle the way it was originally designed.  Before you return to California, you’ll need to re-install your FC Hook so that your AR is compliant as a Fixed Magazine rifle when you enter California.  You should always store and transport your AR with the FC Hook installed and a 10 round magazine locked in the mag well. 

Beware of genius products that are on the market that allow you to simply pop-open the receivers with a modified takedown pin and allow you to drop the magazine with a push of the button, or even drop the magazine on its own by simply cracking open the receivers.  Although the DOJ has not ruled on the use of such products, and such products are widely available, they are clearly in violation of the current law as written.  

California Code of Regulations, Title 11, Division 5, Chapter 39, Article 2, §5471 (n) states: 
" "Disassembly of the firearm action" means the fire control assembly is detached from the action in such a way that the action has been interrupted and will not function.  For example, dissembling the action on a two part receiver, like that on an AR-15 style firearm, would require the rear take down pin to be removed, the upper receiver lifted upwards and away from the lower receiver using the front pivot pin as a fulcrum, before the magazine may be removed."

                    Source text can be viewed on this PDF copy here

Although many magazine lock devices that automatically release the magazine or allow you to press the release button by simply cracking open the action, do briefly interrupt the function of the action, such devices rely upon a legal interpretation that is limited to the first sentence of this definition, -while at the same time- conveniently ignoring the rest of the entire definition.  The clarification example maintained in the entire definition describes that the rear take down pin is to be REMOVED, and the upper receiver is to be LIFTED UPWARDS and AWAY from the lower receiver, BEFORE the magazine MAY be removed. This clarification cannot be ignored while interpreting a portion of this legal definition.

I often hear good, solid, upstanding gun owners who tell me that they didn't or wouldn't comply and register their rifles and they also are not going to comply and put any “gimmicky lock devices” on their non-registered AW rifles.  They tell me, that they are just going to leave their rifles in their safes anyway.  I do respect and admire the risky stance these patriots are taking.  But to those patriotic gun owners, I say this: Even if you keep your gun permanently stored in your gun safe to never see the light of day, there is always the possibility that something could happen to bring the attention of authorities to the contents of your gun safe.  Your house could be robbed, It could burn down, or it could become a crime scene unbeknownst to you while you are on vacation.  There are many realistic scenarios that could cause the contents of your safe to be brought to the attention of Law Enforcement Authorities.  $36 is the cheapest insurance you would ever spend on a completely reversible solution that in no way permanently alters your rifle. I once spent $39 on warranty replacement insurance at a Circuit City on a $200 AIWA cassette walkman that’s been in a land fill for the past 30 years.   With what a person stands to lose during a legal entanglement over an unregistered Assault Weapon sitting in their gun safe, $36 seems to me like smart money well spent.  


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