The deadline to register Bullet-Button Style Assault Weapons has passed on JUNE 30, 2018.
If you are currently in possession of a UNREGISTERED BULLET-BUTTON STYLE ASSAULT WEAPON...

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STEP 1: First, always make sure you have cleared the firearm and that you visually check to make certain that the chamber is empty and the firearm is not loaded.

STEP 2: Remove the rifle’s existing magazine release assembly making sure not to discard the spring and button parts that will be used in conjunction with the FC Hook.

STEP 3: Using the rifle’s existing mag release spring and button, install the FC Hook through the receiver while threading the arm bar of the FC Hook through the spring and into the button. (This step may vary if the rifle has a Bullet Button or RADD Lock type device installed. In such a case, you will need to slowly thread the bullet button device onto the mag catch arm and follow STEP 4 at the same time.)

STEP 4: When you have threaded the FC Hook onto the button to the point where you can no longer turn the arm, you need to press the spring-loaded detent with a flat tool or fingernail to allow the FC Hook to enter through the mag catch hole in the receiver allowing the FC Hook to lock into place.

STEP 5: The final step is to carefully install the 10 RD magazine into the receiver. First you will need to press the spring-loaded detent to allow the FC Hook to unlock and pass slightly back out in order to allow the magazine to slide into position and lock back into place with the FC Hook’s spring-loaded detent engaged properly locking the magazine catch from movement.

STEP 6: Verify that the FC Hook is working correctly to prevent the release of the magazine.  If the magazine in any way can be used to disengage the spring-loaded detent, you need to use another brand or type of magazine.

STEP 7: If you have installed your FC Hook with a RADD Lock®, or Bullet Button®, you will want to set your RADD Lock® to the open working position and put super glue into the screw hole to make the installation "permanent" so it cannot be removed while the action is closed.  With the Bullet Button®, this process is a little different.  You want to use super glue or maximum thread lock on the inside threads of the nut that screws onto the FC Hook.  If you put super glue into the BB, it will not function.  Put it on the threads only.  

NOTE: When the magazine needs to be removed for repair or replacement; Use a 1/8” thick or less mini slim flat type tool to slip between the magazine and the lower receiver in order to disengage the spring-loaded detent while pressing the magazine release button at the same time.  This action will allow temporary free movement of the FC Hook to release and replace the fixed magazine. You can trim off the edge of a credit card or gift card to make yourself a slim tool. 

WARNING: It is important to make the distinction between a rifle that can accept any magazine and a rifle that has a fixed 10RD magazine. Only a rifle with a properly installed and properly functioning FC Hook and 10RD magazine can have the distinction of being a rifle with a fixed 10RD magazine.  The rifle must have the 10rd magazine installed and fixed at all times to maintain this distinction. 

CAUTION: Once the FC Hook has been installed, NEVER FORCE the magazine into position without manually pressing the spring-loaded detent to allow the FC Hook mag catch the freedom of movement to clear space for the magazine to pass into the mag well and lock into place.  FORCING THE MAGAZINE WILL DAMAGE THE FC HOOK.   

CARE AND MAINTENANCE: We recommend that you keep the FC circle logo oiled to prevent rust.  Some of us here at Torque Precision blued the FC Circle Logo on our own FC Hooks and the blued logo came out looking very nice.  If you live in an area where metals tend to rust rapidly, we suggest that you blue the logo with FORMULA 44/40® INSTANT GUN BLUE or OXPHO-BLUE® CREME; Both of which are available on Brownells website.  

Whenever you clean your rifle or after any direct contact with water,  we suggest that you drop a bit of light weight penetrating gun oil onto the stainless steel detent-plunger to keep the shaft lubricated and protected from corrosion. 


Due to the changing landscape of legislation and regulation in California, All sales are final. We will replace any defective FC Hook within 60 days from the date of purchase as long as you have proof of purchase from us or any authorized Dealer.