The deadline to register Bullet-Button Style Assault Weapons has passed on JUNE 30, 2018.
If you are currently in possession of a UNREGISTERED BULLET-BUTTON STYLE ASSAULT WEAPON...


Q1: I've installed my FC-Hook and my magazine falls out when I push the button. What should I do?

A1.1: First determine, if your magazine is disengaging the spring-loaded detent with the magazine's catch hole/catch recess.  If so, try another brand or generation of magazine to test it.  If you are using a Gen3 PMAG for example, you can make a simple modification to the magazine to fix the issue.  See more info here about Magazine Compatibility and Modification.
A1.2: Second determine if the FC-Hook has properly moved all the way into to the mag well far enough for the spring-loaded detent to clear the receiver and engage on the inside of the mag well: If not, try pushing the FC-Hook inwards against the magazine until you hear the spring-loaded detent click. Then try testing the release button to make sure it locked.
A1.3: The FC-Hook has an extremely precise opportunity to engage properly in a tiny space. Proper compatibility with your lower receiver will largely depend on its tolerances. The FC-Hook should work on a majority of lower receivers, however there will certainly be many Lower Receivers that it will not work with.  A Gunsmith familiar with the instillation process can determine if it may work with some fitting to your Lower Receiver. The best way to determine if your Lower Receiver may have a problem is to look down into the mag well with a magazine installed. If you can shine any light onto your Magazine Catch in the space between the Magazine and the Inside wall of your mag well, it will likely fit.

Q2: Is the FC-Hook available in any other colors?

A2: Not Currently; The FC-Hook is made of steel that has been parkerized.  If the FC-Hook proves to be successful, we may offer some custom paint service in the future. Check back with us in the future.

Q3: Can I order the FC-Hook without the FC circle logo?

A3: Not currently; we are keeping the FC circle logo for branding and also to help us spot counterfeit FC-Hooks. We may offer the FC-Hook in the future with the FC circle logo on the magazine side of the FC-Hook. We do recommend that you keep the FC circle logo oiled to prevent rust. Some of us here at Torque Precision blued the FC Circle Logo on our own FC Hooks and the blued logo came out looking very well. If you live in an area where metals tend to rust rapidly, we suggest that you blue the logo. Whenever you clean your rifle, we suggest that you also drop a bit of light weight gun oil onto the stainless steel detent-plunger to keep the shaft lubricated and protected from corrosion. 

Q4: Does the FC-Hook make my rifle legal?

A4: If you own a lawfully purchased firearm, that you acquired legally in California, that meets barrel length requirements, and has a bullet button type magazine release, with a 10 round magazine, then it is extremely likely that your rifle was already legal.  However, on January 1, 2017 your rifle magically became an "assault weapon." You are now faced with a choice that must be made prior to June 30, 2017: You must chose to lawfully register your rifle as an "assault weapon", after which you might be able to remove your bullet button device and put on a standard AR magazine release button and have fun with your "assault weapon" until you eventually die. You will not be able to sell your "assault weapon" or transfer it in any way. Upon your death, the law won't allow your rifles to be passed on to your family, including your spouse and children. Instead, your rifle must be surrendered to Law Enforcement for destruction without any compensation whatsoever; and this does not just apply to the lower receiver, the State wants the complete gun including the upper receiver and all of the "assault weapon's" parts just as it was configured and depicted in the required photographs that you must submit during the registration process of your "assault weapon".

Keep in mind that once your rifle has been registered as an "assault weapon', the registration may be irrevocable and undoable.  No matter what changes you make to your "assault weapon," it will forever be an "assault weapon". Such will be the case even if you move out of the State.  

Your other choice is to not register your rifle as an "assault weapon".  There are ramifications for making this decision. Missing the 6/30/18 deadline will cause you to never be able to register your "assault weapon."  You cannot change your mind and decide to register your "assault weapon" on or after 7/1/2018.  If you are caught in this situation, you will be unlawfully in possession of an unregistered "assault weapon," which can carry very stiff penalties.  Penalties are greater if you are found to be in possession of more than one unregistered "assault weapon".  If, at this point, you decide that you want to comply with the law, your only option would be to surrender your "assault weapon" to Law Enforcement. In this situation however, we believe that the FC-Hook will help you by converting your "assault weapon" into a "non-assault weapon," so that you will be in possession of a lawfully owned rifle that has a fixed magazine.  We believe that, with the FC-Hook, you will be able to avoid registering your rifle as an "assault weapon" and also be able to sell it whenever you like, and also be able to pass it onto your family after your death. This is the intended purpose of the FC-Hook.  Currently, we cannot say with certainty that the FC-Hook, having been installed onto your rifle and converting it to a fixed magazine rifle, will not be challenged by law. It is our hope that it will be accepted by law and eventually endorsed by the DOJ.

Q5: Can I lawfully transfer a lower receiver with an FC-Hook installed?

A5: Yes, There are a few direct sales gun manufacturers that are currently selling complete rifles as well as stripped lower receivers with an FC-Hook installed.  The DOJ has not made any attempts to block the transfers of these rifles.  The Owner of Torque Precision as purchased two out of state rifles that were converted to Fixed Magazine rifles using the FC Hook.    

Q6: Where can I learn more about the law regarding my AR-15 and "assault weapon" registration?

A6: There are three good places to start: 
1) You should read the penal code itself here. Focus on Part 6; Title 4; Division 10; Chapter 2; Article 1.  
2) You should visit the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) website and consider becoming a member. Find the CRPA Resources webpage.  Under the "Helpful Guides" button, find a link to a PDF titled New Firearm Legislation Impacts. There are also other good publications found on the CRPA Resource page.  
3) Register yourself on the Calguns.net forums. There are a lot of discussions on the forums about interpreting the law.  They also have some good legal resources like the CA Semi-auto Ban (AW) ID Flowchart.

Q7: Do you have a letter of approval from the DOJ?

A7: We do NOT expect to ever receive a letter of approval from the DOJ.  The DOJ will either passively accept these types of product and allow their use for the sale and transfer of rifles, or they will send a warning letter that it is not approved along with proposed changes in the law to make them illegal.  We were also advised that the DOJ is refraining from making any such determinations about what might be legal because the law is still in a spot where it can still be amended and therefore it is susceptible to modifications and changes.  The DOJ has submitted several proposals for "emergency regulation" changes to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL).  Until such regulation proposals are finalized and put into law, the proposals can be updated at anytime. UPDATE: The DOJ has removed their proposals from the OAL and the new AG has yet to publicly direct any revisions as to additional proposals to be made by the DOJ.   UPDATE 5/15/2017: According to firearmspolicy.org's FPC 2A News blast, the DOJ just filed new "Bullet Button/Assault Weapon" Regulations with to OAL.  At this time the DOJ and OAL are denying the public access to view the new sections of regulatory code.  UPDATE 5/19/2017: On May 18, a draft copy of the "Assault Weapon" regulations has been made available and can be viewed by clicking here. According to the draft, it appears that the FC Hook is on track for continued acceptance by law.  

Q8: Will the FC Hook work on my .308?

A8: If your .308 is a variant of the AR-10 platform, then the answer is "Yes"!
The AR-10 and the AR-15 share commonality between several parts, including the Magazine Release Assembly.  The Magazine Catch is interchangeable between the two rifles.  They are exactly the same part.  Some have pointed out that the AR-10 has thicker material where the Magazine Catch passes through.  This is true, however this does not effect the function of the FC Hook.  The space between the inside wall of the Mag well and the outside wall of the Magazine itself are the same between the two rifles.  

Q9: I think my AR is already registered from when I purchased it. Do I need to register it again?

A9: Yes, unless you have an FC Hook installed. When you purchased your AR from a Dealer and you filled out the DROS paperwork, you completed the transfer of the firearm from the Dealer to you as an individual. We often think of this as being 'registered', and in fact we often use the terms 'registered' or 'registration' for this process as common nomenclature. However, the DROS transfer process is NOT actually registration. The DROS process really does two things. 1) It tracks the firearm by it's serial number, by leaving breadcrumbs in the form of a paper trail to trace it from a crime scene, to it's manufacturer, to what distributor it went to, to what dealer it went to, and then ultimately to what individual it was sold to. 2) It also provides a way for the State to do a background check on you as a buyer. It screens you for information that might prohibit you from purchasing a firearm and it creates a record that you as an individual owns either a long rifle or a handgun.  It also provides a 10 day cooling off period for anyone who might be seeking to purchase a firearm for the intent to do bad things that may have been inspired by anger or hopelessness.  

What everyone is talking about regarding Assault Weapon Registration of ARs is ACTUAL registration that is required by the new 2017 gun laws. California DOJ wants you to register your AR rifles as Assault Weapons. The registration process requires filling out a form with your Name, Address, Identification Numbers, a detailed description of the rifle's serial number, make, model, physical appearance, specifications, features and aftermarket accessories installed. It also requires photographs of your rifle from specific angles. According to the DOJ website, as of April 6th, 2017, the process for Assault Weapon registration has not been set up yet, but it should be available soon.  From the DOJ website...

Q10: If I put the FC Hook on my rifle, do I still need to change the stock and grip (making it featureless)?

A10: No, You can keep your AR rifle exactly the way it is with all the "Evil Features" such as a telescoping stock and pistol grip.
There is no need to spend several hundred dollars switching out your stock and removing your flash hider and cutting off your threads in order to change your rifle into a featureless rifle. With the FC Hook you don't have to learn how to hold your rifle differently when you shoot.  YES, it is true that on a featureless rifle you can have a standard release button and quickly change mags. That is an appealing trade off.  But make no mistake, the lawmakers in California are relentless and they will soon be attacking any rifle with a quick detachable magazine.   

Q11: Do you have installation instructions posted online anywhere?

A11: YES, you can find the most up to date installation instruction guide [right here].
We also have the following short video that shows how easy the installation process is:

Q12: Once an FC Hook has been installed, Can I transport or store my AR-Rifle without a 10 round Magazine inserted into the Magazine Well ?

A12: This may be another gray area but we have to say No. A problem of definition arises because any size magazine can be inserted into the Magazine Well thus rendering the weapon no longer California compliant; even with an FC Hook installed.  We recommend that you error on the side of caution by always having a 10 round magazine affixed within the Magazine Well notwithstanding during disassembly for cleaning or repair, or storage when both receivers have been completely separated from each other.  We also recommend that you purchase a California DOJ approved Gun Trigger Lock to use on your AR-Rifle while the 10 round magazine is affixed within the Magazine Well.  We sell a good CA DOJ Approved Allen® brand Trigger Gun Lock on our website.

Q13: How do I clear a Type3 Double-Feed Malfunction with a Magazine locked into the Magazine Well with an FC Hook?

A13: Watch this video to know how to clear a Malfunction:

Q14: How I do drop the Magazine with an FC Hook? How do I reload the Magazine?

A14: The FC Hook is a Fixed Magazine Compliance device.  It is not designed for speed dropping your Magazine.  You have three options to reload your magazine with an FC Hook: 1) You can open the action and use the Slim Tool to disengage the FC Hook and remove the magazine, then replace it with a pre-loaded magazine; 2) You can open the action and top load the magazine while it is Fixed into the rifle; 3) You can use the Bear Flag Defense, BF-10 Ejection Port Loader to quickly rack 10 rounds into your rifle's Fixed Magazine right through the ejection port without having to open the action at all.

Q15: Is the FC Hook reversible if I move out of California?

A15: Yes, If you move out of California and take your rifles with you. It is very simple to remove the FC Hook and covert your rifle back to a standard AR-15. The FC Hook can be swapped out with any Standard Mil-Spec Magazine Catch in less than a minute.  Also, if you live in another State and you own a standard AR-15 and you decide to either travel to/through California, or you decide to move to California with your rifle, then you can purchase an FC Hook and convert your AR-15 into a Fixed Magazine rifle, in order to avoid any legal trouble for bringing an Assault Weapon into California.  Once you are out of California with your rifle, you can easily convert it back to it's original configuration. Please note: that if you do move to another State with a California rifle, that it is your responsibility to learn and understand the Gun Laws of the State you are moving to.  You're new destination, may have Gun Laws that restrict your ability to covert the Fixed Magazine rifle back to a standard AR-15.  New York for example.  That would be a big no no.   

Q16: Will you make an FC Hook for the AK-47?

A16: Probably not.  We've tried to figure out a way to covert AK-47's and it's just not coming to mind for us. We think the MagComp may be the best solution for making an AK-47 compliant.  

Q17: Will you make an FC Hook for the FN SCAR?

A17: Yes, we are now manufacturing the FC HOOK S-ML (SCAR-MAGAZINE LOCK) for use with the FN SCAR 16 and 17.  We developed it to work interchangeably with both the SCAR 16 and 17.  


Q18: Now that 20 and 30 round magazines are legal in California, will you be selling them to Californians? And Can I use a 20 or 30 round magazine with my FC Hook?

A18: It is now currently legal to purchase and own 20 and 30 round magazines because of U.S. District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez's 2019 decision.  However, regarding "fixed magazine" rifles as defined in 2017 gun laws. It is specified that they are not considered Assault Weapons, with a fixed magazine that can hold no more than 10 rounds.  Therefore, attaching a 20 or 30 round magazine to your fixed magazine with an FC Hook, will not protect you from the law.  You must continue to use a 10 round magazine in conjunction with the FC Hook in order for your rifle to meet the definition of the Law.
Additionally, Torque Precision cannot sell 20 or 30 round magazines, because there are other 2017 & 2018 legislations that have been passed to regulate business certifications and licensing to sell "High Capacity" magazines.  Even though California Citizens can purchase them.  Torque Precision, as a business cannot sell "High Capacity" Magazines because we are not licensed to do so.  On this note: Beware if you are transferring or selling high capacity magazines to others as a private citizen.  You may not legally be able to do so with respect to other areas of the code that were not effected by the 2019 Benitez decision to overturn the high capacity magazine ban. 


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