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Bullet Button Wrench | Removal & Installation Tool

Bullet Button Wrench | Removal & Installation Tool

$4.99 $3.99

Bullet Button Wrench | Removal and Installation Tool

• CNC Machined.

• 6061 Aluminum.

• Anodized Matte Black.

• Made in the USA.

• Not for use with bullet-buttons that have been permanently glued with loctite® style thread locking adhesives. 

The FC Hook does work with bullet buttons.  However, because the bullet button can be removed while the action is closed by use of a tool or screwdriver, it is necessary to glue the threads of the bullet button onto the FC Hook.  Instead of gluing the threads onto the FC Hook, we recommend that you replace your bullet button with a Standard Mil-Spec Mag Catch Button and Spring.  This tool will help you remove your bullet button when you are ready to install your FC Hook.

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Be aware that some rifle manufacturers (such as Smith & Wesson), may use loctite® or similar thread locking adhesives to permanently secure the bullet-button to the magazine catch.  You cannot use a bullet-button removal tool in such situations.  A bullet-button removal tool is made from aluminum and is not meant for high-force torque applications beyond finger tight.  The two teeth on the tool, will shear off if you attempt to apply too much force to overcome bullet-buttons that have loctite®.   If you find that your bullet-button is secure with an adhesive, you will need to remove the bullet button using unconventional means.  Even if you use a heat gun to help break the loctite® adhesive, you will not be able to break the bond with a bullet-button removal tool.  We found that the only way to remove it, is to sacrifice the rifle's magazine catch by drilling out the riveted cross arm bar protruding out of the magazine catch.  Once you get them to separate, you'll be able to remove and discard the magazine catch and bullet-button.  Be prepared to replace the entire original magazine release system with an FC Hook, a Mag Catch Spring, and a Mag Catch Button.  You should also order, and keep on-hand-at-home, original equipment replacement parts for your rifle: the Magazine Catch and the Bullet-Button.  


When not to use a Bullet-Button® wrench/Bullet-Button® Style Removal Tool

Some rifle manufacturers have used loctite® or similar thread locking adhesives to permanently bond the Bullet-Button® to the Magazine Catch to prohibit its removal from the rifle.  Whenever you encounter this situation, conventional means of heat gun combined with a Bullet-Button® Style tool will not work to break this type of permanent bond.  It simply requires too much force applied to the miniature ears on the tool, causing them to shear off.  Smith & Wesson is one manufacturer that we have found to loctite® their M&P® Rifles.  

Here is a step by step guide to removing a permanently bonded Bullet-Button® Magazine Catch Release System.

Step one:
Using a Bullet Tip or some other tool, push the Magazine Catch as far as you can out of the receiver and use something to wedge under it, keeping the magazine catch pushed up and out of the receiver while you work on it.  

Step two:
Use a power tool such as a rotary tool, Dremel®, or even a battery powered drill. to remove material where the Magazine Catch's cross arm shaft has been orbitally riveted onto the Magazine Catch Body.  

Continuing with Step Two:
You want to remove  enough material so that you can brute-force the Magazine Catch Body from the Catches cross arm shaft.  Be careful not to use too much brute-force that could cause you to mar or fracture your receiver.  You may need to drill down into the threaded portion of the Magazine Catch Body where the Steel Cross Arm Bar is threaded into it.  You'll know when you get to the sweet spot where a little brute-force will allow you to pry the Magazine Catch Body away from the Cross Arm Bar.

Step Three:
Pry off the Magazine Catch Body away from the Catch's Cross Arm Bar.  From here you the Bullet-Button® will simply fall out the other side of the rifle.

As you can see, there is the red Loctite® that was causing the problem.

Additional Note:
At this point, you can install the FC Hook along with a mil-spec standard Magazine Release Button and Magazine Release Spring.  We recommend that you get a replacement mil-spec Standard Magazine Catch and a replacement Bullet-Button® style device so that you have the option to convert your rifle back to original if the laws ever change, or if you move to a free state.  We do not recommend that you use Loctite® when installing your FC Hook. 



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